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Wakura Onsen

Wakura Onsen

Ishikawa Prefecture, facing the Sea of Japan, is blessed with hot springs. Among them, Wakura Onsen at the foot of the Noto Peninsula near Nanao Bay is one of the top class hot springs in Japan. Its history dates back approximately 1,200 years ago when a fi sherman found that a wounded egret had healed itself in the steaming water.

The spring water’s qualities include sodium and calcium chloride. The spring water is transparent and colorless, but it warms your body since it has a high salt content. It is good for treatment of neuralgia, joint pain and low back pain. Wakura Onsen was developed as a hot spring resort in the Meiji era (1868-1912), and after WWII, the town has fl ourished as the access became more convenient. With the tourism boom around the Noto Peninsula during the high economic growth period, the limited express on the Hokuriku Line was further extended, which made access more convenient.

Wakura Onsen is the only hot spring resort along the coast in Hokuriku area. It is popular for picturesque landscapes and fresh food sourced from mountains and the sea. You can see the quiet and beautiful sea while soaking your feet in the soothing hot water of the new foot bath facility, “Tsumakoibune no Yu,” which opened in May, 2007.

By air: One hour from Tokyo Airport to Noto Airport then 40 minutes by car from Noto Airport to Wakura.
One hour from Tokyo to Komatsu/Toyama Airport, then 1 h 40 mins from Komatsu/Toyama Airport to Wakura by car.
By rail: Three hours 30 minutes by train from Osaka to Wakura Onsen (direct) by limited express “Super Raicho  underbird.”
One hour from Kanazawa to Wakura Onsen by the limited express train.

[googlemap lat=”37.074730668386856″ lng=”136.92565441131592″ width=”300px” height=”150px” zoom=”6″ type=”G_NORMAL_MAP”]和倉温泉駅(石川)[/googlemap]

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Address Wakura-machi, Nanao-shi, Ishikawa
Link Wakura Onsen Tourist Association

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