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Nasu Onsen

Nasu Onsen

Nasu is located in northern Tochigi, about 180 kilometers from Tokyo. Many onsen resorts dot the foot of the huge Nasu mountain ranges. Nasu is also well-known for housing the Imperial family’s summer villa. Every season has its own charms: Azaleas in spring, peaceful farmland vistas and hiking on Mount Nasu-dake in the summer, coloured leaves in autumn and skiing then soaking in a bath while watching the snowfall in winter. Nasu Highlands are blessed with a beautiful natural environment.

Shin-Nasu Onsen, where the villa is located, Nasu-Yumoto Onsen, a center for hot spring resorts, and Daimaru Onsen, which is located at the back of the resort, are collectively known as Nasu Onsen. More well- known are the “Nasu Nanato” or “Seven Hot Springs of Nasu”, comprised of “Shika-no-yu,” “Takao,” “Yawata,” “Benten,” “Kita,” “Daimaru” and “Sando-goya” hot springs. Besides these seven, countless other hot springs can be found scattered around the base of Mount Chausu-dake, which is an active volcano that boasts an endless supply of water. The quality of the water varies, depending on the spring but most of them pride themselves on a long and rich history.

Shika-no-yu was named after a 1,300 year old legend that a deer, wounded by a hunter, soaked in the hot spring and was completely healed by the water. Daimaru Onsen was preferred by the then Lord Ozeki’s family in the Edo-era and General Nogi in the Meiji-era. It is located at the second highest point of the 7 springs. Benten Onsen is located 1,200 meters above sea level on the side of Mount Nasu-dake. Water gushes from a rocky cavern and Benten (one of the Seven Deities of Good Fortune) is enshrined. As such, it is called Benten Onsen. Kita Onsen is said to have opened in 1696. Yawata Onsen is located in Yawatazaki and offers wonderful views of azaleas. Takao Onsen was renowned as a sacred spring in old times. Sando-koya Onsen is located 1,450 meters up the North face of Mount Chausu-dake. It is deep in the mountain and visitors have to climb the mountain to reach it.

[googlemap lat=”37.094006″ lng=”140.002314″ width=”300px” height=”150px” zoom=”6″ type=”G_NORMAL_MAP”]栃木県那須郡那須町湯本[/googlemap]

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Address Tochigi
Link Nasu Onsen Ryokan Association (Japanese)

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