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Hakone Onsen

Hakone Onsen

The Hakone Onsen area is famous for the excellent quality of its water and numerous breathtaking views of Mount Fuji and Lake Ashi. In the area there are many well established hot springs and Hakone in general is full of locations of historical interest and great natural beauty. Not so far from Tokyo, Hakone is reached very easily using public transportation.

It is said that there are 17 hot springs gurgling forth 20 different kinds of water in Hakone. The amount of water emerging from beneath the earth is estimated at 25,000 tons a day and as such, Hakone is in fifth position nationally in terms of quantity – as well as being one of the most famous hot springs in Japan.

Hakone Yumoto is the oldest of the 17 hot springs in Hakone and is believed to have opened in 738AD. The Tonosawa Onsen area is located along the Hayakawa River and has many old ryokan in a calm setting said loved by celebrities such as politicians and artists. The four-storied wooden ryokan “Kansuiro” here is registered as a prized Cultural Property of Japan.

Ohiradai Onsen and Dogashima Onsen are located upstream and Miyanoshita Onsen hosts the famous Fujiya Hotel which first opened in the Edo period, thereafter prospering as a resort for foreigners in the Meiji period. Sokokura Onsen, Kiga Onsen, Ninotaira Onsen, Kowakudani Onsen, Gora Onsen, Miyagino Onsen, Sengokuhara Onsen, Ubako Onsen, Yunohanazawa Onsen and Takogawa Onsen are also to be found nearby while Ashinoyu Onsen is a peaceful spa at the foot of Mount Komagatake alongside the old Hakone Kaido street. Ashinoko Onsen offers wonderful views of Lake Ashi after which it is named, as well as of Mount Fuji.

Popular with tourists, steam rising at Owakudani and the rare plants found at Sengokuhara – a moor – are both worth visiting. The upside-down image of Mount Fuji viewed on the surface of Lake Ashi as seen from the cedar-lined road on the southern bank of the lake is one of the most picturesque images in Hakone. Fishing on the lake can be enjoyed by those wishing to chuck in a rod as can the panoramic view from the 1,357m peak of Mount Komagatake for those with a little more energy.

[googlemap lat=”35.24089″ lng=”139.048374″ width=”300px” height=”150px” zoom=”6″ type=”G_NORMAL_MAP”]神奈川県足柄下郡箱根町[/googlemap]

Efficacy Neuralgia, joint pain, poor blood circulation, skin care, chronic dermatitis, and others
Address Hakonemachi, Ashigarashimogun, Kanagawa
Link Hakone Hot spring Ryokans and Hotels Association

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