La Shoro


Kamogawa Onsen
La Shoro

1179 Nishi-cho,
Kamogawa City,
Chiba Prefecture

TEL: 04-7093-5855
FAX: 04-7092-5335

Taking luxury to a new level

Take it at your own pace.Within our villas you will experience the atmosphere of both a Bali resort and that of Japanese style. The layout provokes a feeling of liberation, all the while preserving the idea of your private space. Take the time to stop and smell the flowers, or maybe just admire the view of the stylish garden. Spend time in extravagance like you never thought possible.
We have prepared the most comfortable beds in the bedroom or you can lay out futons in the Japanese room. The choice is yours.

Variety is the spice of breakfast

On the terrace, Western style. True Japanese style. Would you like a Western-style breakfast out on the terrace or maybe Japanese style in the Japanese room? We also offer a buffet breakfast available in the restaurant. For those who try not to wake up too early, let us know and we will prepare brunch for you. Now that’s accommodation.

Dynamic choice cuisine guaranteed to satisfy

A splendid Minami-Boso shore dinner prepared using delicate slicing techniques. For your evening meal, a splendid Minami-Boso shore dinner prepared by one of our skilled facilities, using delicate slicing techniques in true artistic fashion. Maybe the new culinary innovations in traditional Japanese dining at Yoshidaya (by reservation only) suit your tastes? All of the meals freshly prepared in the open kitchen here may be enjoyed in the setting of a private room. Or maybe the fashionable Cuisine Shikisai overlooking the garden pool is more your style? The choice is yours but the pleasure is all ours.
※ Please note that depending on the plan, dinner may incur an extra cost.
※ Full-course Western-style meals are also available at Yoshidaya.