La Shoro


Kamogawa Onsen
La Shoro

1179 Nishi-cho,
Kamogawa City,
Chiba Prefecture

TEL: 04-7093-5855
FAX: 04-7092-5335

Free-flowing hot springs at Kamogawa Onsen Shiosai no Yu

Luxurious free-flowing open-air rotenburo baths. The Minami-Boso Kamogawa Onsen Shiosai no Yu is a blessing of the Kamogawa River that warms the heart. You can always sink yourself in the calmness whenever you like here in the free-flowing open-air rotenburo baths.

Large bathhouses of Awa Hakkei no Yu and Shiraito no Bihada Yu at Kamogawakan

Outside Jacuzzi. The bubbles and the spray jets are good for the blood circulation and will warm you from your inner core. Different baths such as Jacuzzi, takiburo ("waterfall bath"), neyu ("sleeping spring"), okeburo ("bucket bath"), binburo ("pot bath"), hakomushiburo ("boxed steam bath"), enseki chuon ("far infrared") sauna, ooburo ("large bath"), and kakeburo ("sit down shower stations") are featured.
Awa Hakkei no Yu (for men only) is surrounded by a pine forest and you can freely enjoy the different individual characteristics of each bath in a natural setting. Shiraito no Bihada Yu (for women only) is set within walls of falling water where the sound of the water mixes with the waves of the sea in beautiful harmony, surrounded by the pine forest.

Esthetic spa relaxation

It’s your time to enjoy. Esthetic Spa services are offered at our Relaxation Spa Juniper. Indulge yourself and find true refreshment. All services of the salon are by reservation only, so please be sure to make reservations plenty of time in advance.