A Japanese-style hotel in Chiba Prefecture


Magnificent surroundings and elegant cuisine

We serve local seafood meals and elegant dishes prepared by skilled professional chefs.Kamogawakan specializes in serving local seafood meals and elegant dishes prepared by our skilled professional chefs. Enjoy piping hot food cooked in our open kitchen in "Yoshidaya" private dining rooms with innovative Japanese-style dining and delicious food in "Cuisine Shikisai," an elegant restaurant by our garden pool. And for those who want to eat in a more leisurely and intimate manner meals cooked using our carefully selected ingredients can be served in your room. Please choose and let us know what you prefer and bon appétit!

Japanese-style room

Japanese-style roomKamogawakan traditional Japanese-style rooms use tatami mats made from Japanese rush an authentic and traditional natural material that keeps the air clean and provides a comfortable setting. Some Japanese-style rooms are also furnished with beds.

Room with a private open-air bath

Room with a private open-air bathKamogawakan have limited number of rooms where you can enjoy the breeze and sound of the surf as you relax in your private open air bath with your mind at ease and your senses stimulated by the natural environment.