A Japanese-style hotel in Chiba Prefecture


Ryokan Kamogawakan

Kamogawakan, a Japanese-style hotel in Minami-Boso, Chiba PrefectureLocated on the Pacific coast in the natural beauty of Boso peninsula Kamogawakan is a traditional Japanese Ryokan offering peace and tranquility surrounded by renowned Japanese service and hospitality just two hours from central Tokyo.
Kamogawakan facing the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by pine trees is constructed in an elegant Sukiya-zukuri style building structure providing the highest level of comfort and. hospitality to allow you to relax and enjoy true Japanese style service making your stay an unforgettable experience and memory.

Enjoy our Elegant meals and Dining experience

Authentic Japanese cuisine, using flesh seafoods from the Pacific OceanKamogawakan specializes and takes pride in its cuisine serving sumptuous seafood menus using freshly caught fish and local ingredients and produce of the Minami-Boso area. All Kamogawakan dishes are expertly prepared by our skillful chefs with focus on the quality and preparation of fresh ingredients. Enjoy our delicious Kamogawakan cuisine in the comfort of one of our restaurants or the privacy of your room.

Relaxing at leisure in our Onsen

Onsen in Minami-Boso, Chiba PrefectureKamogawakan Onsen offer you numerous choices for your enjoyment and pleasure, relax in our open-air baths with the comfort of the sea breeze blowing through the surrounding pine trees, or enjoy a rooftop footbath gazing down on the magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean. Relaxing in our large onsen baths will refresh both body and mind after which you will feel revitalized and restful.