Every time you bathe, you will enjoy the different, tasteful scenery

Commanding view of beautiful sunsetsWe take pride in our hot spring spa. Depending on the time you can encounter the various scenes of Shirahama including the beautiful sunset, which is why we were selected as one of the 100 best sunset hotels in Japan, countless stars in the heavens, many “isaribi” lights of fishing boats at night, and the sunrise over the horizon.

Every time you bathe, you will be relaxed and healed by the energy of the ocean

The open-air bath commanding a panoramic ocean viewYou can relax in the hot spring bath as you watch the vast ocean in front of you. You will feel the freedom, as if you were floating on the ocean.

Every time you bathe, you will enjoy the refreshing feelings of onsen

Natural hot springs with a variety of beneficial healing powersThe hot springs gush from the hotel site and flow abundantly, so you always enjoy our “lively onsen.”

Enjoy the fresh water of the natural hot springs, with its various beneficial healing effects.