Guide to enjoy Hotel Seamore - Enjoy the open-air bath, in bathtubs made out of used pickled plum barrels, while commanding a panoramic view of the ocean

Open-air bath, with tubs made of pickled plum barrelsThe hot springs in Hotel Seamore command scenic views of the ocean, so you can enjoy soaking in the tub, viewing the radiance of the ocean water, and listening to the sound of the sea breeze. Especially, the sunset in Nanki Shirahama, which has been selected as one of the 100 best sunset locations in Japan, will offer you a time of admiration and relaxation.

Both the large bathhouse and the open-air spa are naturally flowing hot springs gushing from our own hot spring source.

For the open-air baths, the real (or “Hommamon” in Japanese, Wakayama dialect) pickled plum barrels have been reused as the bath tubs. These barrels are over 100 years old.


Guide to enjoy Hotel Seamore - Enjoy luxurious space of relaxation

Rooms with a private open-air bathWe offer guests a variety of rooms including sedate Japanese style rooms, the most popular spacious Japanese/Western hybrid rooms, and luxurious rooms with private open-air baths etc.

Guest Rooms

Guide to enjoy Hotel Seamore - Enjoy the haute cuisine cooked with select ingredients

Fresh seafood to enjoyThe specialty of Nanki Shirahama is the “kue” fish (longtooth grouper). It is said once you taste it, you will never forget the blissful flavor. The fish is served as sashimi, nabe (Japanese cuisine prepared in a pot) dish cooked with vegetables in broth, and our uniquely cooked original dishes. You can enjoy the elegant and hearty taste of “kue” dishes on your stay. We also serve fresh seafood, such as Ise-ebi lobsters and abalone.