Hachimantai Resort
Hachimantai Resort
Hachimantai Resort

Experience the local culture and lifestyle

WorkshopGifts from this vast land
・Farming experiences: vegetable harvesting, rice planting and reaping, and ranching experiences.
・Craft experiences: handkerchief dyeing, and many other brief experience programs.
・Food experiences: making soba, making local “Hittsumi” cuisine, cake topping, etc. Of course you can eat what you make!

Tourist information

Enjoy the festivals of Northern Tohoku

Aomori Nebuta Matsuri■Aomori Nebuta Festival (August 2nd to 7th)
This is one of the big three festivals in the north-east of Japan. Floats of majestic samurai dolls are paraded through the center of Aomori City.

■Chagu Chagu Umako Festival (2nd Saturday in June)
More than 100 horses are dressed up and paraded from Onikoshisozen Shrine in Takizawa Village, Iwate Prefecture, to Morioka Hachimangu Shrine in Morioka City.

■Hachimantai Snow Festival (scheduled for end of February)
This festival is held at Hachimantai hot spring town and Mt. Iwate Yakehashiri International Exchange Village. The festival comprises many events, including tours of the frost-covered virgin forest, snow sculpture contests, and food stalls.

Cherry blossom tours

Ippon Zakura■Ippon-zakura (lone cherry tree) in Hachimantai
This is an awe-inspiring sight, with Mt. Iwate in the background.

■Bukeyashiki (samurai residence) in Kakunodate
The spring season of Kakunodate, known as “Little Kyoto” of Southern Tohoku area, is quiet but gorgeous. Weeping cherry trees render the samurai residence exceptionally pretty, and the Yoshino cherry trees on the banks of the Hinokinai River also come into full bloom. The whole town is dyed in a shade of light pink.

■Hirosaki Park
Cherry trees seen in the evening at the famous Hirosaki Castle are especially beautiful.

Iwate Prefecture Tourist Association


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How to get to Hachimantai Resort

Hachimantai Resort is set at the foot of Mt. Iwate in Towada-Hachimantai National Park in the north of Iwate Prefecture.

●By train
From Tokyo to Morioka: 2 hrs 26 mins by Shinkansen bullet train
From Osaka to Morioka: 5 hrs 35 mins by Shinkansen bullet train
From Fukuoka to Morioka: 7 hrs 50 mins by Shinkansen bullet train

Transfer to Hanawa Line train at Morioka, and get off at Obuke Station. Then take a bus for 30 mins.

●By Air
From Sapporo to Iwate Hanamaki Airport: 55 mins
From Nagoya to Iwate Hanamaki Airport: 1 hr 10 mins
From Osaka to Iwate Hanamaki Airport: 1 hr 20 mins

Take a bus at Iwate Hanamaki Airport for 1 hr and get off at Morioka Station. Take another bus there for 1 hr.

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