Hachimantai Resort
Hachimantai Resort
Hachimantai Resort
Hachimantai Resort

Soothing moments in Hachimantai hot spring towns

Hachimantai Resort HotelThe base for your stay in Hachimantai will be the Hachimantai Resort Hotel. Viewing the Hachimantai mountain range while bathing in an open-air bath is a particularly popular choice. Don't miss the beautifully colored valleys, either, as they are rich with fresh green leaves in Spring and brilliant red leaves in Autumn.

This hotel has 88 guest rooms with four types including a popular combination of a traditional Japanese-style tatami room with a Western-style bed.
Hot springs :
Large public baths, open-air baths, saunas (one separate location each for men and women)


Gushing natural hot springs (onsen)

OnsenHachimantai is blessed with quality hot springs. The open-air baths commanding panoramic mountain views of Hachimantai are very popular. There are several facilities which offer hot spring baths in the neighborhood, and you can enjoy a variety of bathing experiences.


Restaurant ShirakabaRestaurant Shirakaba
Iwate Prefecture is rich with foods from the beautiful surrounding mountains and rugged coastline. Tempura and hot pot cooked with Sanriku squid, home-bred beef, wild plants and other local fresh ingredients is delicious.



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